President Barack Hussein Obama: A sellout and major mistake

I write full of disappointment! Full of anger and distraught towards our supposed role-model, angel of light and perfectionist who has proven to be unworthy of those good qualifications. President Barack Obama rode on the back of the goodwill of good people in the world in 2008, there was massive support for him. After hundreds of years of oppression of black people in the United States of America, all we wanted was a representative on that presidency seat.

As Sal Bommarito succinctly puts it,
“… to elect an African American president was a huge and very inspiring event for the country, I thought. Finally, after 200-plus years of discrimination and repression, a black man became the most powerful person on the planet. African-Americans rejoiced when this man was elected — they had a true role model. Well, the president has disappointed on this front as well.”

Tragedy is when you leave important things to attend to frivolity. President Obama has been spending the rest of his last one year of presidency, meeting with Hollywood celebrities in the White House, showing them around in a relaxed manner. Does this mean United States of America has no more challenges in its coffers? Come on, this is the world’s most powerful country! I don’t think Vladimir Putin is currently dining with celebrities in the Russian state house. We all know Obama rode on the back of these celebrities to office and their support & consequently their fan’s support gave him the needed votes, most especially the black and latino communities who listen most to Jay-Z, Jeezy, Nas et al. But if President Obama feels he needs to show his gratitude to these guys he can’t ignore the plight of millions other miserable Americans who aren’t celebrities.

Under Obama’s presidency, there has been more concerns about the mistreatment of migrants in USA than under any other President in American history. History has been good to Obama but he has not been good to history. He came at the perfect time, but instead of being that man, instead of returning the great favor bestowed on his lowly character he has decided to be a catalyst for repression. When you remain silent in the face of oppression & decide to keep mum then you are on the side of oppression. This president came into office with the impression of being on the common man’s side but he has failed, he’s no friend of the common man after all.

If I had read President Obama’s political book, The Audacity of Hope as at 2008 when it was released, I wouldn’t have been as enthusiastic as I was about his candidacy for president then. In the book, he appeared smart, intelligent & a visionary but then he showed how much of a politician he can be. President Obama is someone who would say whatever you want him to say even though he has his own reservations. He’s just like the rest of the other politicians, he’s not a saint after all.

In the Audacity of Hope, he spoke twice about Nigeria and it was not in good light. This is the biggest & most blessed country in Africa and the supposed “African-American” President Obama has no regards for its people. On page 168 he talks about USA depending on oil coming from Nigeria & other large exporters of crude oil & questioned how America’s $800 million goes into the hands of “the world’s most volatile regimes.” According to President Obama, “it doesn’t matter whether they’re despotic regimes with nuclear intentions or havens for madrassas that plant seeds of terror in young minds – they get our money because we need their oil.” President Obama has shown he cares not about what happens in Africa, millions can die but America will not budge, that’s what he’s saying. He had the temerity to also allege that USA’s dependence on oil from Africa & Asia undermines their national security. I’m an African, a Nigerian and I’m not a terrorist! Nigeria is not a threat to world security. What’s the President really insinuating, is George Zimmerman and his cohorts Africans or aren’t they threats to America’s national safety? Statements like these will always fall from the mouth of an African-American President who doesn’t see himself as an African, who has more sympathies for his white brothers than his true family. That’s why he can’t understand that Africa isn’t America’s problem, it’s the other way round.

He referred to Nigeria again on page 319 of the book, claiming that “countries like, India, Nigeria, and China have developed two legal systems – one for foreigners and elites, and one for the ordinary people trying to get ahead.” If Obama wants to berate African and Asian legal systems, what about the Judge who set George Zimmerman free to roam the streets after murdering young Trayvon Martin based on race prejudice? What of the police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri recently?

What about all the injustices that goes on in USA daily, human rights encroachments in the supposed citadel of democracy? What about the oppression of black people in America which claimed the lives of great men such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr., young men murdered in their prime? What about Tupac Shakur’s political murder in 1996, which was made to resemble a gang or music rivalry but no arrest has been made till now? President Obama’s USA isn’t perfect and its even more imperfect and vulnerable under his regime. Obama is going to leave that seat worse than it has ever been economically since the great depression in 1929. Politically, it is the worst in the history of the country. The country is tensed and the world, consequently is tensed. ISIS is a new phenomenon, the tentacles are worldwide and it is a result of President Obama’s lack of political will.

The page 286 of The Audacity of Hope sees President Obama himself confessing to America’s sins of tolerating and aiding juntas and despotic regimes around the world, just to oust leaders who lean towards communism. USA aided Mobutu Sese Seko of Congo DR and the despot was visited by every single American president since Dwight D. Eisenhower, only Jimmy Carter was the exception. What has President Obama done to remedy those ills in the Congo? Congo was in peace before America decided to interfere in their politics. The same problems created by his predecessors, one would have automatically expected an African-American President of the USA to make things right. Isn’t it an open secret that President Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered C.I.A to kill Congo DR’s first prime minister and one true legitimate leader, Patrice Lumumba due to his romance with the Soviet Union? Didn’t the USA aid Mobutu and Belgium in Lumumba’s eventual cold murder? What about Thomas Sankara, Nigeria’s Murtala Muhammed…? It’s about time the world puts America where it belongs.

No one really cared to check deeply the character of President Obama when he came in through the back door and took over with his cunning methods. Well, I wish people did as I’m sure most Americans have also seen the grave mistake committed by now. Unscrupulous politics can get you in power but won’t allow you have the best of administrations! Obama is afraid of White America. He’s too passive and lethargic to make any solid impact and I wonder why people didn’t see this on time. The man is such an accomplished con man who has succeeded in hiding his true colors. A president who never admits failure or mistake but claim misunderstanding or blame political opponents is not fit to lead. President Obama should learn to take responsibility for his shortcomings. Some of his “misunderstandings” of the situation has actually allowed the creation & widespread of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. It’s simply a case of negligence by an irresponsible and passive leader.


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The Youth

About three years ago, my sister came back from church one Sunday to gist me concerning one young man who lived close-by & attended same service. The young man had attended church wearing a very big & multi-coloured sneakers, funny haircut & his pants were sagged. Everything was just wrong with that gentleman that & he made it worse by making himself look that conspicuous while wrongly dressed. Immediately I heard that story that day, I tried to do my own research on sagging (also called low-riding).

As Greg Mathis puts it, “sagging was adopted from the United States prison system where belts are sometimes prohibited to prevent prisoners from using them as weapons or committing suicide by hanging themselves. The style was later popularized by hip-hop artists in the 1990s. It later became a symbol of freedom and cultural awareness among some youths or a symbol of their rejection of the values of mainstream society.”

Taking these points in order of appearance, why would any right thinking being want to emulate prisoners who may never even leave their maximum security cells as a result of heavy crimes? Why can’t today’s youths listen to good music and pick out vital lyrics to nourish their souls, why be swayed by showbiz? Listen to your favourite artists’ lyrics well, any artist in 2015 not singing or rapping about world peace, love, life, reality, unity, freedom of mankind etc. isn’t doing good music & doesn’t deserve an audience! This isn’t the 90s when rappers just talk about shooting each other. Lastly, I’m a very unorthodox person & revel in being rebellious especially to defend a course I believe in. Yet, I wouldn’t sell my soul to the devil just to gain the world. You can’t prove a moral point by being immoral or repugnant to the society. This single point took almost half of Revd. Martin Luther King’s messages while he lived! We have to show good example.

Few weeks ago, I was in a banking hall (of Guaranty Trust bank) as early as 8:30am trying to deposit some cash before travelling. Being a Monday morning, the bank was full of customers & we had to queue. This buxom lady walked in, climbing the staircase to the customer service desk. This young lady, wearing a black top & black leggings had her butt so embarrassingly visible that even ladies couldn’t help but look amazed. She wore no under-pant, everyone know how tight leggings are & this is coupled with her sexy shape. Worst of all was the skimpy black top. Sadly, the culprit cat-walked round the bank so innocently, unabashed, not badgered nor disturbed as she stole the ‘show’ with the public display. Thank God children can’t transact bills.

I believe there are two categories of youths, namely;
1. The ordinary ones
2. The intellectual ones
These two categories consist of young people who God has abundantly blessed like He did to every single one of His creation. Failure to utilise raw talents, widen horizons and develop as a human being is what makes the ordinary youth remain in a ordinary state. Meanwhile, there’s always hope as one could move (when not too late) to the intellectual state. The intellectual youths are the ones who have surpassed the ordinary and have left to consult their brains before making decisions. The intellectual youth is a thinking human being. Before he goes to party, gets drunk or is tempted to make mistakes, he reconsiders. He learns from his past failures.

Young people spend a lot of time these days watching the newest movie series (there is a new one everyday), getting addicted to the newest stimulant drug in town, engaging in frivolities etc. I’m a youth who has been there too and we’d only continue to lie to ourselves if we put the blame on the government or the leaders alone. I’ve seen more youths in the newly-opened cinema at the Shoprite mall (largest in the country) near where I live in Ibadan than I’ve ever seen in any classroom of study! The only classes I’ve seen near what I see in that mall were those philosophy and sociology classes and that’s because about 20 departments and faculties took them. I wonder, every year universities in the country reduce their entrance cut-off marks so as to allow people get in but millions still fail! What is wrong with this generation? In 2014, over 1.5 million wrote U.T.M.E. while only about 312,000 passed. It’s just sad.

I sometimes imagine what would have happened if I actually invested the time I spent drinking lots of alcohol ( then recuperating for nearly half the next day) into something much worthwhile like more reading or research. I’d probably own a billion dollar company right now. If only youths would do things that truly last and reward the soul, not ephemeral things! Since I was a kid, we noticed I was mostly active at night & usually restless when most people wanted to sleep. This made my sister (my dear godmother) tag me as a “nocturnal being.” It could be a medical condition but I really don’t care as it doesn’t affect me. Mother tried to get me to sleep in those early years by giving me sleeping pills but I always took the pills & still be wide awake for most part of the night. As I grew up, I had to learn to channel my insomnia into good courses, such as writing articles, notes & stories all night. I’ve grown to love me. I feel blessed to have a brain that rarely wants to sleep! Life is way too short for anybody to hibernate all year long anyways.

As the founder of Initiative for Ethics and Values Orientation, Alhaji Isiaka Kehinde rightfully posited recently, “there should be a refocus on the youth ethics as it the best practice all over the world. To achieve the change we desire, it follows that youths should first change their attitudes and be ready to join the change train without any delay.” There is need for a refocus on our objectives and values, the ethical values and decisions that we hold most dearly to our hearts.

We need a huge turnaround from a lacklustre system where the first indigenous mobile telecommunications company in the country, Globacom launched the Glo/Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria(FAAN) which provides high speed Wi-Fi at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport and neglect provision of such in Nigerian schools! I find it hard understanding why big African corporations have to continue producing for the sake of financial returns alone. If we don’t train our children, they’d grow up to steal & then squander all the money we were busy saving! By now, I expect to see the corporate social responsibility of these corporations being met.

How many primary/elementary or secondary schools in Nigeria even have Desktop computers? How many pupils have operated a PC before or have been taught with such? All these contribute to failure in the education sector and lack of development of Nigeria and Africa at large. What about the war zones in Africa? Places like South Sudan, Somalia, Central African Republic, Burundi etc. Some of these countries being among the poorest in the world! I can’t but imagine the mental state of my fellow African youths in those regions. It isn’t their fault to be born there. How can we hope to end wars in the world if a large part are still being uneducated? Isn’t that a chimera already? So far greed & inequality exists, wars will always come.

The current Burundi President, Pierre Nkurunziza is vying for a 3rd term in office and this has already led to bloody protests and even a coup staged in the country. At least 1000 people have died and over 105,000 fled to neighboring countries. Next thing we saw in the tabloids would be the sight of the same president playing football with his friends. I didn’t believe the news till I confirmed and saw pictures. The president is ‘balling’ while his people kill each other for his own selfish ambitions.

Typical of human beings but not restricted to Africa alone. What of the erstwhile FIFA president, Joseph Sepp Blatter who is 79 years old? A man who has been at the helms of affairs at the apex soccer body since 1998 & still wanted to continue. As if there is not a more qualified & younger person in FIFA again. What is most painful is the corruption that has bedeviled the organisation. When old men are corrupt it has a more destructive power than even when young people are corrupt. You ask why? It’s because by then young people would have lost all confidence in the system, lost every sense of mentor-mentee relationship & ‘gone!’. Meanwhile once a young person who’s still agile decides not to care anymore, the result is always fatal. It’s partly evident in the terrorism trends around the world( ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko haram etc.). The youth are the future of any nation. We all won’t be free and truly liberated till we realise that.