Download: Makzion- Grateful.mp3

From the stables of Freeman Visions Music Label, Makzion a.k.a Sir M.K Makzion), drops his second single. This is a hit definitely!

Makzion decides to bless the beat once more on this special jam. He praises God for all the blessings given to him and the song is rightly titled Grateful (stylized as “Greatful”).

Makzion sings in English and his native gbagyi dialect, even in yoruba! It’s about time i do a duet with this talented gospel singer.

Download, listen and share with friends…

Download: Makzion- Grateful.mp3


Download: I go Prevail by Makzion.mp3

From the stables of Freeman Visions Music Label, we present Makzion (also known as Sir M.K Makzion), a young upcoming gospel artist.

Trust me, this guy is full of talents. He sings in English and his native gbagyi dialect.

In this song, he tries to encourage all those suffering, going through pain or challenges in life to keep pushing & not give up. We shall all prevail! Watch out for this talented guy!

Download: I go Prevail by Makzion

Rich Homie Tommy x Emtee – Key to the city (Washa refix).mp3 

Nigeria’s hottest underground rapper/singer, R.H.T teams up with the best in South Africa, Emtee on this mega hit jam.

West meets South definitely! Download, enjoy , share the good music…

This song is produced by the legendary ace veteran, Jamix Tronix.

Rich Homie Tommy x Emtee- Key to the city.mp3

DOWNLOAD: Rich Homie Tommy x Emtee (re-fix) – Mama (Prod. by Latham)

My readers must have found out by now that I’m a man of many sides. Well, my creative juice flowed even further recently when I recorded a rap song. To God be the glory for making it all seem so easy. It all came very fast, I recognised that moment and knew I had to take advantage of it.

So I sat on my bed on Thursday night of November 3rd (around 8:50pm), while listening to South African rapper, Emtee’s song ‘Mama’ from the multiple award-winning ‘Avery’ album.

I had heard the song before but it came differently to me that fateful night. The melody, the harmony, the keyboard and hook/chorus got me writing down lyrics instantly. I knew I had to drop a verse or two on the beat.

So I called my talented childhood friend, ‘Latham the producer’ on the following day & we recorded the song on Tuesday, 8th November. We knocked it off in about 3 hours. It was magic! The chemistry was too much, the studio harmony was splendid. I don’t think I could have worked with anyone better. This goes out to every upcoming artist, you have to work with a producer who sees your vision and can clearly show you his own vision as well.

I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I buried the potential to do music. Always knew I could do this from day one. I finally put those lessons learned in the juvenile choir to use.

I specially chose to release the song for free downloads today in commemoration of my late mum’s one year remembrance. Recorded under my alter-ego, ‘Rich Homie Tommy’ (#RHT). The song is titled Mama, not departing from the inspiration behind this.

It’s safe now to say watch-out for me! This is most likely the #1stofMany more music to come from me.

Follow the link below to download:

DOWNLOAD: Rich Homie Tommy x Emtee (re-fix) Mama (Prod. by Latham)

Open letter to AKON

Dear Akon,

The recent untimely deaths of two legendary African football coaches, in persons of Stephen Keshi & Shuaibu Amodu, got me thinking in terms of living legends who aren’t being celebrated enough.

That brings me to you, Akon. You deserve one or two lifetime achievement awards for what you’ve accomplished musically. Left to me, I’d organise I special award ceremony in your honour today if I could. I don’t even understand why you’ve not gotten multiple Grammys by now. We don’t want no posthumous awards for someone that great & you surely deserve to be celebrated while energetic.

On your song ‘Ghetto’-
The instrumentals got all the brothers reminiscing about the ghettos, made the ‘shawties’ jump in ecstasy, the fishes leaped in the waters, the lions roared for joy in the wild and thunder strikes appeared from the heavens. ‘Ghetto’ changed the way the world listens to music in 2005. Akon, you forever changed our world with your style of singing!

‘Locked Up’ was the ultimate classic hip hop song. That style has become the prototype for every new artist in that genre ever since- from TeeFLii to Bryson Tiller to Tory Lanez.

‘Belly Dancer’ was just out of this world. Nobody had ever anything like that before.

On ‘Lonely’, It’s safe to say I was swept off my feet by the sweet rendition and video. I still remember how me & my high school mates used to imitate some moves from the video. It is in a class of its own and broke new grounds.

The songs, ‘Show Out’, ‘The Rain’, ‘Clap Again’ and ‘Don’t Matter’, are great timeless classics. You have more than 100 classics, I simply can’t mention all…but I’m probably the biggest Akon fan in the world.

I don’t want to wait for the next 20 or 30 years before I express my mind on a musician who has blessed my world with his musical acumen. I don’t want to be passive with my love when I should be loud & clear about it, just as Akon’s divine vocals are.

Lest I forget, thanks again for your charitable endeavors, bringing power to Africa with ‘Lighting Africa’ in 2014.
God bless.

With Love,

Tomiwa Olasiyan.

A brush with death (part 2)

It is not life itself that’s so important. It’s about living rightly!

Today is my anniversary. An unusual anniversary. Today marks one year since I had that life-threatening car accident on the morning of August 13, 2015. It was a bright Thursday morning.

I had a bad feeling that day when I woke up. Even though I had planned since the previous week to travel and drive myself the to school, I woke up & suddenly didn’t feel like making the journey again.

I went back into the house to call my dad’s attention to what I thought was a bad sound from the car engine. He played down my worries & reassured me nothing was wrong with the car. With that in mind, I zoomed off.

I got into the middle of Iwo road and a lot of people looking for free ride to Osun state beckoned me to stop. I carried nobody. I still can’t fathom whether that was the best or worst decision I ever made. For if I had stopped to give a lift, perhaps the danger would pass me by. Or perhaps, by the time I started speeding the passenger would have cautioned me.

On the other hand, if I stopped to pick someone and the accident happened same way, what if I survive and the passenger dies? If I were to decide, I’d want to believe the second option. Going by the suddenness of the accident (it all happened under a slit second), the vehicle motion and impact on the rock inside the roadside bush, it was likely any passenger would have died or broken a leg at least.

Besides, a careless passenger would not have used the seat-belt. I wouldn’t have told my passenger to use the belt. Back then, I merely used it because I was fresh from driving school & my teachers harped on it. It was a thing of instincts, not because I ever thought the safety belts could ever save my life. It was more of following a norm than of careful thought.

I drove with speed. One of my cool friends who was the President of Prima Strata- an educational club in my Faculty, was putting up an induction party that night for inductees. I was a club member so he had called to invite me and asked to use my car for dropping ladies going home late. With all that in mind, I thought more about the late-night party as I drove and less about handling the car in my charge.

I had planned being in school till the next day even though I told my parents I’d be back home same day. (I knew they’d persuade me to be home that day so I simply said what I knew they wanted to hear.)

As I said earlier, I was speeding & had carelessly exceeded the speed limits. Normally I shouldn’t even travel alone or drive such long distance journey being barely 6 months out of a 3-week driving school program. I hope young people who would be opportuned to read this would learn from me & not be as suicidal as I was.

I enjoyed (well, I still do) driving, especially when music from the CD player is blazing through the bass speaker. So for the duration of time which I drove before the accident, I was fixated on a particular song (Takoto) from 9ice’s sophomore album. Ever since, I’ve dreaded the mere sound of that song. The song still sends shivers down my spine anytime I hear it being played, bringing memories I’d rather forget, my brush with death.

Midway through my journey, I was going to overtake an articulated lorry when I suddenly bumped into a pothole. I panicked & hit the brake suddenly with force. Within that split second I had lost control of my car, my vision was blurry due to flames emitting from the engine, the car was somersaulting e.t.c. The experience is indescribable, I wish I could explain every detail but I can’t.

Luckily for me, a Police checkpoint was nearby on the other side of the highway. Those men rushed to my side. I was already climbing out of the car when they got to me. By then I still thought the car would explode so I was rushing to be out.

One of the Police eyewitnesses said my car was practically floating in the air. How I survived such landing, I do not know. But I do know a large rock situated in the bush nearby stopped the car, permanently condemning the rear bumper. The car got damaged beyond recognition.

My use of the seat belt also helped, including the airbags. Perhaps I would have flown out of the car while it tumbled. When I see commuters hiding from the road safety officials, I just pity their ignorance. The Road Safety Corps are basically ‘begging’ you to save your own lives! Fastening the seat belts and having an airbag-enabled car could make a difference in any accident.

Please tell somebody you know to tell somebody they know!!!

Ladies and gentlemen: I present to you, Lewes G

Adeleye Wewe aka Lewes Goon boi, is a young talented musician who hails from Ondo State, Nigeria. He’s the son of the popular and most celebrated creative artist and former commissioner in Ondo state, Chief Tola Wewe.

I’ve known this brother from way back year 2012 when he dropped the monster hit Winner EP, which includes a single of same title and other club banging tracks. Lewes G has now dropped his first official single under his new record Label and management, Save Empire Entertainment (SME).

The song’s title is Player and Lewes G is about to blow our minds further with a dope video to follow! Watch out for this young talent as he is one of the most promising artists out of Nigeria!

Facebook: Leye Wewe Lewes Goonboi

You can thank me later after downloading his music & it blesses your soul.

Download here: