DOWNLOAD: Rich Homie Tommy x Emtee (re-fix) – Mama (Prod. by Latham)

My readers must have found out by now that I’m a man of many sides. Well, my creative juice flowed even further recently when I recorded a rap song. To God be the glory for making it all seem so easy. It all came very fast, I recognised that moment and knew I had to take advantage of it.

So I sat on my bed on Thursday night of November 3rd (around 8:50pm), while listening to South African rapper, Emtee’s song ‘Mama’ from the multiple award-winning ‘Avery’ album.

I had heard the song before but it came differently to me that fateful night. The melody, the harmony, the keyboard and hook/chorus got me writing down lyrics instantly. I knew I had to drop a verse or two on the beat.

So I called my talented childhood friend, ‘Latham the producer’ on the following day & we recorded the song on Tuesday, 8th November. We knocked it off in about 3 hours. It was magic! The chemistry was too much, the studio harmony was splendid. I don’t think I could have worked with anyone better. This goes out to every upcoming artist, you have to work with a producer who sees your vision and can clearly show you his own vision as well.

I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I buried the potential to do music. Always knew I could do this from day one. I finally put those lessons learned in the juvenile choir to use.

I specially chose to release the song for free downloads today in commemoration of my late mum’s one year remembrance. Recorded under my alter-ego, ‘Rich Homie Tommy’ (#RHT). The song is titled Mama, not departing from the inspiration behind this.

It’s safe now to say watch-out for me! This is most likely the #1stofMany more music to come from me.

Follow the link below to download:

DOWNLOAD: Rich Homie Tommy x Emtee (re-fix) – Mama (Prod. by Latham)

Open letter to AKON

Dear Akon,

The recent untimely deaths of two legendary African football coaches, in persons of Stephen Keshi & Shuaibu Amodu, got me thinking in terms of living legends who aren’t being celebrated enough.

That brings me to you, Akon. You deserve one or two lifetime achievement awards for what you’ve accomplished musically. Left to me, I’d organise I special award ceremony in your honour today if I could. I don’t even understand why you’ve not gotten multiple Grammys by now. We don’t want no posthumous awards for someone that great & you surely deserve to be celebrated while energetic.

On your song ‘Ghetto’-
The instrumentals got all the brothers reminiscing about the ghettos, made the ‘shawties’ jump in ecstasy, the fishes leaped in the waters, the lions roared for joy in the wild and thunder strikes appeared from the heavens. ‘Ghetto’ changed the way the world listens to music in 2005. Akon, you forever changed our world with your style of singing!

‘Locked Up’ was the ultimate classic hip hop song. That style has become the prototype for every new artist in that genre ever since- from TeeFLii to Bryson Tiller to Tory Lanez.

‘Belly Dancer’ was just out of this world. Nobody had ever anything like that before.

On ‘Lonely’, It’s safe to say I was swept off my feet by the sweet rendition and video. I still remember how me & my high school mates used to imitate some moves from the video. It is in a class of its own and broke new grounds.

The songs, ‘Show Out’, ‘The Rain’, ‘Clap Again’ and ‘Don’t Matter’, are great timeless classics. You have more than 100 classics, I simply can’t mention all…but I’m probably the biggest Akon fan in the world.

I don’t want to wait for the next 20 or 30 years before I express my mind on a musician who has blessed my world with his musical acumen. I don’t want to be passive with my love when I should be loud & clear about it, just as Akon’s divine vocals are.

Lest I forget, thanks again for your charitable endeavors, bringing power to Africa with ‘Lighting Africa’ in 2014.
God bless.

With Love,

Tomiwa Olasiyan.

A brush with death (part 2)

It is not life itself that’s so important. It’s about living rightly!

Today is my anniversary. An unusual anniversary. Today marks one year since I had that life-threatening car accident on the morning of August 13, 2015. It was a bright Thursday morning.

I had a bad feeling that day when I woke up. Even though I had planned since the previous week to travel and drive myself the to school, I woke up & suddenly didn’t feel like making the journey again.

I went back into the house to call my dad’s attention to what I thought was a bad sound from the car engine. He played down my worries & reassured me nothing was wrong with the car. With that in mind, I zoomed off.

I got into the middle of Iwo road and a lot of people looking for free ride to Osun state beckoned me to stop. I carried nobody. I still can’t fathom whether that was the best or worst decision I ever made. For if I had stopped to give a lift, perhaps the danger would pass me by. Or perhaps, by the time I started speeding the passenger would have cautioned me.

On the other hand, if I stopped to pick someone and the accident happened same way, what if I survive and the passenger dies? If I were to decide, I’d want to believe the second option. Going by the suddenness of the accident (it all happened under a slit second), the vehicle motion and impact on the rock inside the roadside bush, it was likely any passenger would have died or broken a leg at least.

Besides, a careless passenger would not have used the seat-belt. I wouldn’t have told my passenger to use the belt. Back then, I merely used it because I was fresh from driving school & my teachers harped on it. It was a thing of instincts, not because I ever thought the safety belts could ever save my life. It was more of following a norm than of careful thought.

I drove with speed. One of my cool friends who was the President of Prima Strata- an educational club in my Faculty, was putting up an induction party that night for inductees. I was a club member so he had called to invite me and asked to use my car for dropping ladies going home late. With all that in mind, I thought more about the late-night party as I drove and less about handling the car in my charge.

I had planned being in school till the next day even though I told my parents I’d be back home same day. (I knew they’d persuade me to be home that day so I simply said what I knew they wanted to hear.)

As I said earlier, I was speeding & had carelessly exceeded the speed limits. Normally I shouldn’t even travel alone or drive such long distance journey being barely 6 months out of a 3-week driving school program. I hope young people who would be opportuned to read this would learn from me & not be as suicidal as I was.

I enjoyed (well, I still do) driving, especially when music from the CD player is blazing through the bass speaker. So for the duration of time which I drove before the accident, I was fixated on a particular song (Takoto) from 9ice’s sophomore album. Ever since, I’ve dreaded the mere sound of that song. The song still sends shivers down my spine anytime I hear it being played, bringing memories I’d rather forget, my brush with death.

Midway through my journey, I was going to overtake an articulated lorry when I suddenly bumped into a pothole. I panicked & hit the brake suddenly with force. Within that split second I had lost control of my car, my vision was blurry due to flames emitting from the engine, the car was somersaulting e.t.c. The experience is indescribable, I wish I could explain every detail but I can’t.

Luckily for me, a Police checkpoint was nearby on the other side of the highway. Those men rushed to my side. I was already climbing out of the car when they got to me. By then I still thought the car would explode so I was rushing to be out.

One of the Police eyewitnesses said my car was practically floating in the air. How I survived such landing, I do not know. But I do know a large rock situated in the bush nearby stopped the car, permanently condemning the rear bumper. The car got damaged beyond recognition.

My use of the seat belt also helped, including the airbags. Perhaps I would have flown out of the car while it tumbled. When I see commuters hiding from the road safety officials, I just pity their ignorance. The Road Safety Corps are basically ‘begging’ you to save your own lives! Fastening the seat belts and having an airbag-enabled car could make a difference in any accident.

Please tell somebody you know to tell somebody they know!!!

Ladies and gentlemen: I present to you, Lewes G

Adeleye Wewe aka Lewes Goon boi, is a young talented musician who hails from Ondo State, Nigeria. He’s the son of the popular and most celebrated creative artist and former commissioner in Ondo state, Chief Tola Wewe.

I’ve known this brother from way back year 2012 when he dropped the monster hit Winner EP, which includes a single of same title and other club banging tracks. Lewes G has now dropped his first official single under his new record Label and management, Save Empire Entertainment (SME).

The song’s title is Player and Lewes G is about to blow our minds further with a dope video to follow! Watch out for this young talent as he is one of the most promising artists out of Nigeria!

Facebook: Leye Wewe Lewes Goonboi

You can thank me later after downloading his music & it blesses your soul.

Download here:

Bobby Shmurda this, Bobby Shmurda that

In July 2014, when I first saw the video of “Hot Nigga”, the platinum-hit rap single delivered by Bobby Shmurda, my first reaction was that of irritation. Now, my displeasure was not only due to the violent lyrics that kept reverberating but moreso, due to what I saw as basic rap lines. As a youngster in high school, I had penned down lyrics (not carrying violent tones!) of such standard after listening to some DMX album tracks. Who best to judge basic rap lyrics than someone who himself has written them down before? I wanted to be a rapper back then after being inspired listening to DMX, Ja rule and Nas. I wrote down several simple rap lyrics down, copying my mentors in some and original with the rest. Sadly, my older sister got to my rap sheet and tore it, wondering why I’d want to be a hip hop artist. I got discouraged & that was the end of that chapter.

The fact that Bobby Shmurda got that level of fame and whatever achievement (if he had any) was basically due to his place of birth, America. USA is a land of freedom, affluence and prosperity and most of its citizens have learnt to do things ‘the right way’ for the good of their country, unlike any other nation in the world. If anyone is lucky to be born in such a geographical space and possesses even a miniature talent, such is likely to succeed ahead of those with better gifts but unlucky enough to find themselves in politically & economically unstable nations. Bobby Shmurda, real name Ackquille Jean Pollard is of Jamaican descent. He couldn’t have achieved the same level of attention he had garnered even without an EP if he was born in Kingston instead of Miami!

The young Bobby Shmurda was going to “blow off” a crime, violent & gangsterism influenced music career and organized America wasn’t going to let that happen, not from a black man again! They had to stop him. Of course, several other “young black brothas” like Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G, Snoop Dogg etc. had done gangster hip hop before and got away with it for a long time, but not at the level in which Bobby Shmurda conspicuously depicted it. Tupac Shakur was the only act who ever was so ecstatic about it( especially when he created his super-group ‘Outlaw’) and was he not finally murdered in 1996? Maybe Bobby Shmurda should thank God to even be in prison although, his days are numbered. Even Tupac did different times behind the bar before finally taken out of the scene when he refused to change his kind of music. What has America done to unravel the mystery behind Tupac’s death 19 years after? Isn’t it obvious his murder was backed by the state? But Tupac isn’t my topic for today, I want to write just on Shmurda.

Bobby Shmurda, young as he was was a pioneer in his own right. He made popular & maybe even pioneered the rachet-like dance moves which has now been tagged the “shmoney dance” and further popularised on social media when world-acclaimed acts like Rihanna, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, and Fabulous did it. This is another disadvantage and misuse of the social media. In as much as it has changed some lives positively for life, the social media has the potential to infect the minds of people negatively. A song like ‘hot nigga’ would never be heard outside the recording studio if not for the internet. A song like that wouldn’t have become a hit during the years of the turntable DJs and actual rap battles when you must be highly exceptional to even get a recording contract. Nowadays, labels (Epic records etc.) acquire these rappers like band boys who are just there on the roster for the sake of presence. The world has changed. Much emphasis is now placed on materialism and epicurean values, therefore, ‘rappers’ would say anything to ‘get paid’ & sell a record!

Bobby Shmurda doesn’t appear to me to be the kind of youngster who has the stomach for all the criminal activities he claimed responsibility for in his ‘hot nigga’ lyrics. Some of the other youngsters in the video looked even tougher than he was. Left to me, I’d rehabilitate the boy with a good psychologist and a changed environment. I still believe the bulk of his problem originated from youthful exuberance and bad examples/environment. As I noted earlier, USA is a land of opportunities and this probably makes her citizens heady and crazy, just like the egoistic child of a wealthy tycoon. You dare not release such music Bobby Shmurda was doing if you were in some African countries. This I know. The artist won’t sell a single record and go into obscurity.

Life is based on expression. You have to express yourself whether in writing or by talking. Some people express themselves by drawing pictures. I watched a documentary once of a young boy who was deaf and dumb but this boy was a genius. He could sketch anything out in drawing and painting. Sadly, people like him don’t get to live long but they always leave an indelible mark behind on earth. All life expression is art. Whether you express yourself in talking with any form of language or sign or whether you’re a writer like me. Creative writing, poetry, prose fiction etc. are all artistic endeavors. Apparently, expression is not what really matters as we’ve seen but what is expressed. Everybody always find a way to express themselves, you can’t live life wholly being passive. The dumb use signs and symbols to communicate. Whatever we feel inwardly, think, do, see, experience is what we express outwardly. This brings us to the environment that influenced Bobby Shmurda.

He’s just 21 and he didn’t invent gangsterism, he met it on ground. He isn’t Tookey Williams who founded the Crips gang. He didn’t invent gangster rap, he was influenced by it and decided to tow that line. As I pointed out earlier, I wanted to be like DMX, Ja rule and Nas too. These are gangster/hardcore rappers I was copying so I could have ended up in jail like Bobby Shmurda. Music is so powerful that you could make the mistake of completely following the examples of the artist you idolize irrespective whether he/she is a criminal in real-life. DMX has been to jail severally on different count charges of misdemeanor, assault and battery, felony etc. This was the same guy I was trying to be like? Just because I listened to and love some of his rap songs such as ‘Make a move’, ‘One more road to cross’, both in the 1999 Grammy-nominated album “And then there was…X”. Ja rule has done time in jail too. Now, I’d later become a lawyer because I had a sister who didn’t give a nod to my rap choice. Because she tore my note, I got discouraged and pursued my academics. That was the difference. Between good and evil, its a thin line which could be crossed over very easily. Nobody was born bad although, its not easy to prove if anybody was born good either.

I saw a picture of one of the many Bobby Shmurda court proceedings early in the year and my convictions were further strengthened. The attorney defending him was a young black man, the policeman in the picture was also black American while Shmurda was being docked for several offences ranging from arms possession to intent to commit murder. There were three black men, two chose to uphold the law of the land while one chose to wholly decimate law and order. Life is a choice after-all and your background should never deter you from greatness. Bobby Shmurda could have influenced thousands of teenagers worldwide wrongly if he got away with his public affront. He was going about his business as a budding gangster with all impunity, making gang signs in videos, shooting guns (in Bobby Bitch video) and living recklessly. The state had to stop him.

His record label, Epic records has distanced itself as much as possible from the controversy. Epic records is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment. Well, I’m not suprised to see their interested detachment from Shmurda’s case, knowing fully well the role Sony Entertainment company played in the Michael Jackson saga. Thus, Epic has refused to pay the $2million bail bond to free him. What I’m so surprised about is how Bobby Shmurda, with all the swagger and arrogance, couldn’t come forth with the money & free himself when he had the opportunity. This speaks a lot about the fake life most of these ‘stars’ depict publicly. To get the bail doesn’t look so easy now and as of Monday, he was denied bail for the umpteenth time. He’s looking at a possible 25 years behind bars. Seeing how most people become hardened by their prison terms especially black men in America (see Jeff Fort, Nicky Barnes, Freeway Ricky Ross etc.), we can only hope he comes back a reformed man.

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ANTICIPATION: Latham set to drop new hit song, ORI

City music gang(CMG) artiste, Latham who brought you fun and mainstream hits in 2012 with songs such as “Alira” and “Tell me what you feel” which helped him gain enough popularity & commercial success, is now set to release his first single for the year 2014, ORI!

The single “ORI” is done in his mother tongue, a pure yoruba song that is sure to get you thinking about your creator while also making you nod your head along with the amazing rhythm and production work. This is definitely a song that will take over the airwaves because Latham is here to stay. Pls do watchout for the young talented act.

Below are the lyrics of the new song. Enjoy!!!

Ori ori o, ori mi o
Eleda mi o, ose o e
Ori ori o,ori mi o
Eleda mi o, ose o e
I know I know
Music is in my soul
I know I know
Music is in my soul

Verse 1:
Tan ba ri owo lowo mi won so o
Ko si owo won so o
Ile aye asan o
Afowo fa sile ni 
Toba je o bo mi ri wa so 
Ewo ni oro eyin ton so o
Ejo yin ni e ma so lo 
Oluwa bless mi aye nlo
To ba ti gbo mi ya ma Jo
Gbogbo wa lama jo blow
Lote yi ao ni duro
Anu oluwa  logbemi duro
To ba ti gbo mi ya ma Jo
Gbogbo wa lama jo roll
Lote yii ao ni duro
Anu oluwa logbemi duro

Verse 2:
Iya ti mo je oma tito
Ogbon ti mo ni koma ti to
Ori mi eda mi ni mo so fun
Owo ti mo ni koma ti to
Ise kekere owo nla
Ki ajo ma gbe ninu olanla
Ifokan bale pelu alubarika
Ohun rere ni ki oma yi wa ka
A mo ara wa ta ba ri ara wa
Mo sope to ri oda mi dada 
E je eja e mu emu tio da si 
Momu ijo mo fo soke 
Koma si isoro rara rara

Verse 3:
Ori mi ye, ori mi o
Edami ye, mo gba e my
Oya se adura fun
Tori ba pe nile dandan ni a di ire
Ori ori ori mi ma lele.


Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly present to you, Taiwo Okunola, a contestant in the season 7 of this year’s MTN Project Fame West Africa, taking place in Lagos. Taiwo is a gentleman of distinction, calm-headed and enormously talented. He’s a final year civil engineering student of LAUTECH, Ogbomoso.

I first knew Taiwo Okunola when I swapped elementary schools as a small kid about 15 years ago to attend Julian Nursery & Primary school, Oluyoro, Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. I started the sch in class 3 (primary 3) and Taiwo was my sitting partner and best friend till graduation, as we remained close even after parting temporarily in class 4. Meanwhile that’s all a story for another day.

My first discovery of this young man’s knack for music was in that elementary sch., when towards our high school leaving exam, a music teacher was introduced to us who tutored everyone in music ( classical, music notes especially). Very few of us excelled in the exam, I was the only one in the school who scored a 100, missing nothing! Taiwo was among the few of us who excelled too (just about 8 in total). As a result, we had practical music lessons with flutes for some time until graduation from the school.

Here we are today, he’s pursuing a professional career in music while I’m doing likewise in the legal field, as a law student! Ironically, the best music student back then might just never do music! Such is life but my very good friend, Taiwo keeps the fire burning and I appreciate that. I’m very happy for my brother and I pray he excels at the reality tv show and hopefully, go on to win the competition. Ever since he told me of his participation few weeks ago, I’ve been so ecstatic and upbeat about his success. Taiwo is very well capable as, music apart, he’s one of the most brilliant and resourceful persons I’ve met in my life!

Musically, he has given a very good account of himself at the competition so far. I’ve heard a lot of very interesting comments and I’ve seen his performances. Even to make it to the final 15 is no joke, judging by the fact that auditions in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia saw over 350,000 contestants vying to be selected. Therefore, I’m proud of my boy for what he’s accomplished already. Once again, I present to you, Taiwo, a future music superstar!!!