Some are giving up,

Some are just living it up.

But we all have hope!

Hope is all we ever have.


Rich Homie Tommy x Emtee – Key to the city (Washa refix).mp3 

Nigeria’s hottest underground rapper/singer, R.H.T teams up with the best in South Africa, Emtee on this mega hit jam.

West meets South definitely! Download, enjoy , share the good music…

This song is produced by the legendary ace veteran, Jamix Tronix.

Rich Homie Tommy x Emtee- Key to the city.mp3

Ladies and gentlemen: I present to you, Lewes G

Adeleye Wewe aka Lewes Goon boi, is a young talented musician who hails from Ondo State, Nigeria. He’s the son of the popular and most celebrated creative artist and former commissioner in Ondo state, Chief Tola Wewe.

I’ve known this brother from way back year 2012 when he dropped the monster hit Winner EP, which includes a single of same title and other club banging tracks. Lewes G has now dropped his first official single under his new record Label and management, Save Empire Entertainment (SME).

The song’s title is Player and Lewes G is about to blow our minds further with a dope video to follow! Watch out for this young talent as he is one of the most promising artists out of Nigeria!

Facebook: Leye Wewe Lewes Goonboi

You can thank me later after downloading his music & it blesses your soul.

Download here:


The wild, wild West

*Dedicated to my childhood neighborhood, sometimes miss the people. Great people.
*Inspired by a NatGeo documentary.

Growing up among the dying breed
My step-brother I miss him
May the Lord forgive him, all he wanted was to live life
Where I grew up, death is a substance of a new life
Childbirth is celebrated like Christmas, death mourned like death
Like the ravens in the wild we fend for ourselves
We break the rules for our loved ones
It’s a place where nature can’t be heard
When one dies another continues to thrive
Chaos, mayhem, mob, marauders…
There’s no street tougher than ours
We reveled in the obstreperous state
The birds chirp and the dogs bark off
I know no better place to be than the West

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When will I be free?

The more money I make, the more I want
The more I increase the more I count
Numbers keep piling, so is my greed
Numbers never end, numbers never lie
Anything in numbers could be uncountable
My love for material things have become insatiable
My lust and thirst, unquenchable
When will man ever rest?
I want my paradise here on earth
When will I be free?
I don’t know what I really want
‘Cos the more I get, the more I still want
When will wars end?
‘Cos it doesn’t look like there’s an end
Even though we have a new president
Yesterday, Boko Haram shot ten in North-end
My pastor said the following in church today;
“I’m here to speak sense to your senses,
that’s the essence of my existence.”
And what did he say thereafter?
Poverty is dangerous, make money
If only he knew what love of money did to men
Men have turned to beasts
No love for their fellow men
The battle I fight within me
It is bigger than those on Chicago streets
I’m weary from these toils
When will I ever be free?

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