I was at Gurara Falls!

​Too much work and no play will eventually make Jack to not only be a dull boy but also, a petty non-entity!

This was the rationale behind how me and few colleagues at the Nigerian Law school, Abuja decided to visit Gurara Falls today for a picnic. Gurara Falls is the foremost tourists’ attraction located in Niger state. 

We had so much fun nobody on this trip would forget in a hurry. It was memorable. I was amazed at the sights. Nigeria is too blessed with natural resources, we don’t even know our own worth. 

Geographically, it is located enroute Suleja and Minna(state capital) road, accommodating a space spanning about 200 meters. Gurara river is a major tributary of the famed River Niger.

Climbing the various mountains and maneuvering through the different rocks is a lot of exercise for the body, and it’s been said to have therapeutic effect.

Such a natural habitat with lots of big trees, leaves, shrubberies, rocks and water is just too pristine and idyllic. It has a special capacity to heal the human body, spirit and soul. I was inspired to write this article while at the Falls, another testament to the kind of special capacity I’m talking about.

However, as perfect as Gurara is, there are still projects the government and corporate bodies could carry out there in order to make the Falls a cynosure of all eyes. 

For example, nothing stops the place from being turned into a full-blown resort. I noticed today that when our provisions finished at a point, we needed to buy water. The sun was much and people were really thirsty but there was no such place designated for such business. 

There should be adequate security within and outside the environment. Anything as good as that deserves to be guarded jealously, especially in this era of terrorist attacks.

Such a major tourist attraction, and in fact, very close to the state capital deserves a 5, if not a 7-star hotel. I sincerely hope the Niger state government would get to work on that.


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