Open letter to AKON

Dear Akon,

The recent untimely deaths of two legendary African football coaches, in persons of Stephen Keshi & Shuaibu Amodu, got me thinking in terms of living legends who aren’t being celebrated enough.

That brings me to you, Akon. You deserve one or two lifetime achievement awards for what you’ve accomplished musically. Left to me, I’d organise I special award ceremony in your honour today if I could. I don’t even understand why you’ve not gotten multiple Grammys by now. We don’t want no posthumous awards for someone that great & you surely deserve to be celebrated while energetic.

On your song ‘Ghetto’-
The instrumentals got all the brothers reminiscing about the ghettos, made the ‘shawties’ jump in ecstasy, the fishes leaped in the waters, the lions roared for joy in the wild and thunder strikes appeared from the heavens. ‘Ghetto’ changed the way the world listens to music in 2005. Akon, you forever changed our world with your style of singing!

‘Locked Up’ was the ultimate classic hip hop song. That style has become the prototype for every new artist in that genre ever since- from TeeFLii to Bryson Tiller to Tory Lanez.

‘Belly Dancer’ was just out of this world. Nobody had ever anything like that before.

On ‘Lonely’, It’s safe to say I was swept off my feet by the sweet rendition and video. I still remember how me & my high school mates used to imitate some moves from the video. It is in a class of its own and broke new grounds.

The songs, ‘Show Out’, ‘The Rain’, ‘Clap Again’ and ‘Don’t Matter’, are great timeless classics. You have more than 100 classics, I simply can’t mention all…but I’m probably the biggest Akon fan in the world.

I don’t want to wait for the next 20 or 30 years before I express my mind on a musician who has blessed my world with his musical acumen. I don’t want to be passive with my love when I should be loud & clear about it, just as Akon’s divine vocals are.

Lest I forget, thanks again for your charitable endeavors, bringing power to Africa with ‘Lighting Africa’ in 2014.
God bless.

With Love,

Tomiwa Olasiyan.


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