Life Is War

Life is war

Life is war. I’m fighting for my life.
So when you call my phone and I don’t answer,
Don’t be vexed because I might be fighting for my life.

When I need your help and you disappoint me,
I quickly understand because just like me,
You’re simply fighting for your life.

We have different wars and battles to fight,
I don’t know what war you’re fighting, you don’t know mine,
But we’re united in the fact that we’re simply fighting for our lives.

Some people live their lives smiling most times, while some cry most times,
Life’s an unbalanced scale, it treats people differently.
When sadness comes, reminisce on the good times.

It is folly for a man to laugh all the time, even when happy,
For how could you know if your neighbour is mourning?
For life is war and we’re all fighting for our lives.


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