True leaders will rise in Nigeria

President Buhari’s picture sourced from

The world is always in need of a leader, it could be you. Are you getting prepared? Remember, when good people refuse to lead, bad people will!

Did you watch the European championship final last Sunday? Prior to the match, we all thought the mercurial Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) would take all the glory as usual and win the final for his country. Some people even went as far as predicting he would score an unlikely hat-trick to usurp Antoine Griezmann’s tournament record. But what happened? The unpredictable happened. Ronaldo got injured in the 8th minute.

Then an unlikely captain and leader arose in person of Nani. In fact, an unlikely match winning goal came from the boot of Eder, the least expected hero! Eder, a player who started playing professionally in 2008 with Académica, a local Portuguese club. In comparison, Ronaldo as at 2007 had won the UEFA champions league with Manchester United and was already an established superstar. In fact, that same 2008 when Eder was just starting his professional football career, Ronaldo was busy winning a Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of
the Year awards, the first of many.

But Ronaldo couldn’t save the day on Sunday, an unknown Eder did. The Portuguese football team coach, Fernando Santos was quoted by Skysports to have later said of Eder’s exploit, “When he came on he told me he would score. The ugly duckling went and scored. Now he’s a beautiful swan.”

Some people will say “this is football,anything can happen.” But to me, this is not just football, this is life! Be ready for shocks and surprises.

Between 2014-2015, Nigerians(including me) rallied round in support of Muhammad Buhari’s candidacy. What has he done so far? His government, in the most unexpected manner, has created untold hardships on ordinary Nigerians. It’s the worst in terms of citizens’ welfare since Sani Abacha’s dictatorial rule which ended through his untimely death in 1998.

The corruption fight by the Federal government is laudable and for the first time in decades of history, corrupt politicians are being held accountable for stealing public funds. But where are the monies received so far? How long before someone else steals the monies if they’re not converted into good public use with visionary plans? In the same vein are allegations of witch-hunt and insincerity in the corruption fight. Clearly, it looks so. There are many corrupt men in the government. “Nemo dat quod non habet”, you simply can’t give what you have not. Corrupt men have no moral or legal right to hold fellow corrupt men.

Apparently, President Buhari is not the leader we all envisaged. We’ve all received the shocks of our lives from the sudden and provocative removal of fuel subsidy and high cost of kerosene which leaves the poor man no breathing space. Consequently, there is higher cost in price of transportation and food yet, state workers are being owed not less than 5 months salaries in over 25 states out of the total 36. Yet electricity supply is almost at level zero while tariffs have been increased nationwide. What should the poor man now do? Commit suicide or die of hunger?

Mind you, a hero will arise in this country one day. Quote me, the people will rise up! A leader will rise from Nigeria who would liberate not only the most populated black nation in the world but Africa at large. A leader will soon rise up whose political dimension is cosmopolitan, whose ideology is liberally democratic and who genuinely loves people.

A leader will rise who is not sectional in thinking, who’s neither tribalistic nor ethnocentric and harbors no hate towards people who are not his kith and kin. A leader will rise up who isn’t interested in enriching his own pocket and his family alone. A leader will rise up who really means business and would hit the ground running. A leader will rise who really wants to help solve world problems.

Of these, I believe.


Eder and Ronaldo’s joint picture appear courtesy Skysports


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