The People

This write-up was originally meant to be titled “humble beginnings” and was inspired by reminiscence on my university days after writing my final exam (24th April). Now as my colleagues & I await October call-up for the compulsory 1 year Nigerian law school, I’m enjoying an unusual kind of break from school I’ve not had in about 4 years. It feels good to be without the stress of incoming exams again. I also remember those early days in my 1st year when all we wanted was to be seen & acknowledged as important individuals and before final year we achieved just that. We wanted to be like those popular guys on campus but ended up even bigger than those guys we looked up to in those early days.

Tobi Ajibade, my friend of 5 years and an avid reader of my blog posited recently how my write-ups relate and deal with the people in my life on a day to day basis. He opined that its probably why its so hard not to read the posts once published, as “one might just find himself in there and who doesn’t like his name being mentioned?” Everybody loves good compliments and its not sycophancy or ‘ass-kissing’, in so far as the compliments are honest and sincere ones.

I believe experiences are good and we need to go through them everyday to be better people. Therefore I would never deny myself the benefit of any valuable human experience, as there is no other injustice one can do to himself than that. I try as much as possible to relate with everybody as if I’ve known them for a 100 years and that’s one of the secrets of how I enjoy great relationships with people. I love people deeply and genuinely in a way I cannot explain.

I’ve grown a lot through my relationship with the right & wrong people. They all gave me the lessons that made me who I am today. Your life is as bright as the kind of people in it. It’s all about the people, we’re truly the world! Due to my ‘shaky’ background, I started out being aggressive whenever I relate with people. I was always ready for war when dealing with new people, even my family (parents especially). As I grew older, I began to see that one could actually get things easily with a simple smile on the face than with a rough look! My life changed day I discovered that.

Thank you Lord, for you delivered me! That revelation was all the miracle I needed to be who I am truly. People are ready for war, and most people (99.9 %) would deal with you the same way you treat them. I’ve lost count of how many confrontations I’ve seen from a man being rude to another & things could have been entirely different if there was no feeling of disrespect from either party. People cherish respect. We all love to be loved! Even despots do. Idi Amin Dada wanted love deep down in his heart, that’s why he killed whoever betrayed him.

First day I went to The Sun publishing house, the motorcyclist who drove me through that pothole-filled road told me to ensure I appeared on the newspaper following day, as he would look forward to seeing me. From the Mile 2 bridge where he took me down to Coscharis avenue which camps The Sun House, we had an interesting conversation on the political-economic situation of the country. Looking at the man that day, I felt he just gave me a great duty & placed his dreams on my shoulders. I felt in charge of a great responsibility. Although, my write-ups were being published on the tabloid since 2010, I couldn’t fulfill that man’s wish till the year after that fateful acquaintance ( in 2015, this year my picture appeared). I wish I could see the man now to tell him I finally did it, and it was for a good cause!

When a man of the people succeeds, millions of people succeed. When we finally go on to achieve greatness in life and fulfill destiny, a lot of people will automatically tap from that grace and also fulfill their own purposes. If we fail, a lot people have the potential to equally fail. Bill Gates’ story inspired me even though I’ve never met him, and I’m tapping from his grace whether he knows or not. Every individual under the employ of Microsoft today tap from the grace of the visionary who founded the company. That’s an example of a life of substance. Multitudes will benefit from that single source! My studying of Nelson Mandela, Obafemi Awolowo, Martin Luther King has shaped my life & the way I reason forever, even though I can never meet them (not in this world anymore)!


(To be continued)


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