What if…?

I broke up with my girlfriend recently and I’ve been thinking about so many things. I decided to share my thoughts. What if you lose that one thing you loved most? What if we lose someone very dear? What if the world ends or what if it doesn’t? What happens when you suddenly discover you can actually do without someone you felt you couldn’t live without?

What if life doesn’t go the way you projected it? What if things change? What if there isn’t really a way where we thought there was? Thanks to the lady who broke my heart, if not for her, I wouldn’t learn to do better things with my time and hope for the best the future holds for me. I’ve been through hell & back these past two weeks but I’m back home now, all thanks to God. When life sucks, what’s your reaction? Do you sit around and be overwhelmed with sorrow or be proactive?

The truth is that man is not really in control of anything. The grounds could shake anytime. We can’t prevent it but only be proactive when it happens! Tsunami could happen. There could be an earthquake or tremor. What can we do? Life is an occasion, we rise to it. Moreover, time heals everything. Only few days are needed to ease any pain whatsoever. Life is meant to be lived fully, that’s the pride of our creator. But we can’t live a life full of joy if we don’t ourselves up in times of disappointments.

I discovered during my solitary state that nothing should ever weigh us down. There is a way around everything! We should never because of our current state of things neglect where we’re going to. There’s light behind every tunnel. We just find it very hard to see it.



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