My life (Volume 3.0)

It takes diligence to set one’s mind straight on intellectual endeavours these days as life keeps getting complicated, with so many needs arising everyday. I have also observed that this trend would not stop, at least for now, but will only get higher as I grow & more responsibilities set in. Above all, I still give thanks for the gift of life every new day I wake up to see the morning light.

So far in the journey of my life, I’ve discovered that time heals everything. What hurts so bad today & you feel is really big would by tomorrow, feel so light that it hurts no more! That’s just life for you. There would hardly be a moment of joy for man if he doesn’t have the great ability to forget some things. Every day, I re-examine my life & I see this as another reason to appreciate God.

Arguably, the greatest of man’s advantage in it all is our ability to forget the past. Imagine if I have to remember, in every second of my existence, all embarrassing moments I’ve had. Imagine when the whole feeling comes back, how moody I’d become. Imagine having to recall your sad moments everytime, how would you feel? That would obviously be a disaster.

Today, I remember losing my step-brother, Wale Olasiyan, in 2009 (April 6). That was an unforgettable day I will remember till I die. He had a motor accident in his new car while heading to the hospital to resume work on the fateful Monday morning, as he was a resident doctor. He died instantly as he suffered fatal injuries to the head.

Meanwhile, I last saw him December 2008 when he came home for a visit. He met me reading in my room and not knowing he had a premonition of his own imminent death, he gave me a parting gift in form of wisdom. Something was unusual about him that day, he was swift to talk & calm at the same time. It was like what’s on the street termed as ‘life on the fast lane!’ I noticed he meant every word, it came out with seriousness & purpose. He said to me, “Tomiwa, anything you do from now onwards don’t procrastinate, do it on time.”

I continue to hold those words very dearly to my heart & I appreciate life more. I appreciate the fact that I was able to see him at least that one time & hear those special words. If you’ve lost someone dear to you before, you’ll appreciate life & friendship more and take every moment you’re with people seriously for it could be the last. It’s a bitter truth, life is inadvertently short.
The oldest people in the world now are a little older than 100 years, that’s still short compared to what it used to be.

The word PROCRASTINATION my brother was talking about has a deeper meaning, and I hope to write on it someday. The word is so deep one cannot fully comprehend it until when in tough situations and swift decisions are needed in the face of few choices. I as well didn’t see the wisdom in Wale’s words till some years later when reality dawned on me.

I’ve been blessed with a great platform and I have to use the opportunities I have for full effect. It recently dawned on me the kind of air I’ve been able to create around myself and the one God gave to me willy-nilly. The polished background, the schools, the family, the friends, the exposure, the connections etc. It’s all overwhelming. To whom much is given, much is expected. Also, NEMO DAT QUOD NON HABET- you cannot give what you don’t have.

Last year, I was in the Abeokuta (Ogun state) residence of one of my mentors, Hon. Justice Shoremi O George and we decided to go to the Abeokuta Sports club within the metropolis for relaxation. On our way, he turned to me & asked “Tomiwa, is there anything easy in life?” I quickly replied with a No. He then added, “nothing is easy in life, even robbery and stealing aren’t easy!” We had a very long conversation from there and he encouraged me to work harder & be diligent, as there is no easy occupation.

Back to where I started, the ability to forget sad stories, move on and overcome them. I’ve used that for full effect since I was a kid. For every extra-ordinary thing I’ve ever accomplished, there has always been someone who told me I couldn’t. Someone always doubted and I take it all up as a challenge. In fact, my mum doubted me once in high school when my junior school result came out late & she felt I must have failed. I was so pained that I ensured I passed external O’ levels by SS2 and was qualified for university education before final year!

Thus, I really enjoy the challenges of life and it’s all great fun to me. I understand the bottomline is to pick ourselves up when we fail & get better. The great sage and former Western Nigeria Premier, Pa Obafemi Awolowo once said, ‘the greatest achievement is not in never falling but in rising each time one had a fall.’ I put these words in my heart every minute of my days!


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