My life (Volume 2.0)

The story of my life actually cannot be fully contained in just two articles. Being in my early stage of adulthood, it would be impossible to write a memoir of even my childhood experience alone in just a few lines. For this reason, I promise to keep my promise of delivering an autobiography ( yes, I think my life story is that interesting!) in due time. In the next few years I hope to have accomplished my dreams in full and by then it would be auspicious enough to write a full inspiring story.

Meanwhile, my best friend & course mate, Mr Tobi Ajibade read the first write-up on “My Life” and wondered why I would want to commit suicide. He ended by saying he had felt that way too before anyway (I wonder why he then questioned me). He also said jokingly that if eventually I had committed suicide he would have killed himself, come to meet me in whatever after-world I was & ‘beat’ me back to life! Extremely funny innit?

I noticed that the majority of those who read the first write-up picked out just the suicidal part of the story, probably due to our society’s deep frown on that theme & the sacrosanct idea of death. I find that appalling though, as I was trying to bring out other themes in that short piece. I wrote about the idea of parental care, love, knowledge, research, belief in God and religion. So I was expecting critical assessments on those other themes, especially the paragraph on what my mum’s love did to change the story of my life forever. My elder sister read it & immediately pinged me on BBM to talk about the suicide thing.

Nobody has tried to talk about those other themes which to me, are much more important than even death! At least, one writer said the greatest tragedy is not in dying young but in living too large & not for any eternal significance. So, what if I die early but I leave behind some great and important legacies that continue to influence the world even after I’ve gone? I think that’s reasonable enough. I’ve seen septuagenarians who beg for alms in Nigeria! What is the need of such miserable long life? Life is not the most important thing but what you eventually make of it!

Most people have never wondered why God gave man brain and the ability to rationalise, which sets us apart from lower animals. It is so that we can make some decisions without even needing to disturb Him with our ways. Imagine the estimated 7 billion human beings in the world calling on God at the same time, that may be an excruciating task, even for a supernatural being! God wanted us to do some things on our own while he watches. I can liken it to the way a good mother teaches her child to walk & then sit back and watch with pleasure as the child practice what he’s/she’s been taught.

Human life is serious business. Every man has to take charge of his life whether he likes it or not. Even the Gods favour the strong & bold as rightfully posited by King Agamemnon of Mycenae, a kingdom of legendary Greece. Even the Angel in the Old testament book of Genesis 32:22-32 didn’t bless Jacob until he had defeated the Angel who has been pointed out to be God Himself. Therefore, I strongly believe everyone needs to prove themselves to even be worthy of luck! Normally, luck is something you shouldn’t deserve but just fortunate to get but then even to be lucky in so many instances, you must make effort. For instance, to give birth to a boy-child, a woman must at least get pregnant.

Some few years ago, I was present at a large congregation church with my mother & sister. We had attended a monthly all-night prayer meeting and it was the wee hours of the next morning and people were preparing to leave for their homes. Suddenly, armed robbers came with sophisticated guns and people bolted. Obviously, they came for the money as they meant business & threatened to shoot people who try to look them in the eyes. It was a gory sight to behold in a church as those people ransacked the altar of God to check for money. Later, they left & we heard the robbers didn’t get any money. How factual that is I still don’t know as my mum & I had gone to hide behind the toilet.

What continues to baffle me ever since then is why God didn’t do anything in that instance to those armed robbers. At least a church is supposed to be God’s own sanctuary, and a Holy place. I don’t care if something happened to the robbers later, probably got arrested by Police or they got killed. I’m concerned about why they desecrated God’s altar & left scot-free. I’m sad about why they even had the courage & effrontery to even come rob a church in the first place. The whole idea nauseates & makes me boil with anger.

What I’ve been able to take out of that life experience is just that God would not do for man what man can do for himself! God will not come down from heaven to defend even his own property, therefore you see even some pastors perpetrating evil in churches, bedding choir members, siphoning funds & God allows all these to pass. I see the New testament God as a very liberal one.

…to be continued…


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