My loud social life and quiet intellectualism

Recently, I attended the birthday party of one of my classmates and I met an old friend, Collins Iheagwara, who also happens to be a friend of the celebrant. Collins himself has been my friend since my first year on campus. In fact, we stayed in the same dormitory & room in my part 1 days as student of Obafemi Awolowo University. He’s an English language student now in his final year.

My relationship with Collins goes beyond roommates or schoolmates relationship, I must point. When I graduate from campus, he’s someone I hope to be able to say was my best ever acquaintance in the higher institute. He understands me, knows so much about me, & should even be able to write a book about me when the time comes (but funnily, he’s a tech devotee and would most likely fancy making an animated film about me instead!) Meanwhile, he’s quite a good writer, he used to show me some of his write-ups for his planned business (tech) start-ups.

I still remember those days in our first year on campus when Collins & I would wake up in the middle of the night, while other roommates were sleeping, to share thoughts on life issues, our academics and everything bothering our minds including our families. We would discuss to the point where we pour our hearts out & tears drop. Collins is indeed a brother, only from a different mother! Any friend who has been through lengths with you & is ready to study and understand you is more than a friend! They become family because even family wouldn’t try to understand you like that at times. It’s been about four years since we first met & I’m blessed to know my longtime friend, Collins.

According to a popular adage, “the most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” Due to changes in hostels & courses, I’ve had to do without my friend for long periods. We took some courses together in part 1 but things changed since pt. 2, as everyone faced his departmental/faculty courses. But whenever we accidentally meet or arrange meetings (as we always do), it’s. always memorable. Such is our friendship.

So as I pointed out earlier, I met my very good friend, Collins, at the birthday party & there he asked me the all-important question that led to this write-up. We were just outside reminiscing early school days as usual when he made mention of my blog and consistency which he claims surprises him at times. About a week earlier, he had seen the link to one of my blog posts on my Facebook account & started wondering how I managed to combine my writings with academic responsibilities coupled with my social commitments and all. My friend wondered how a ‘party goer’ like me could still find the solitude that deep writing requires. Moreover, the institution we both attend prides herself as the best in Africa, especially in terms of academic commitments, hence, students are always put on the pressure.

The answer I gave to my friend was simple. It’s easy to combine everything all together. My academic, social, and humanitarian commitments like activities with my high school alumni association & my membership of the alpha club are nothing but normal ways of life for me. I’ve always been a nerd. I could remember when I was a kid & my teachers used to think I was dumb as I withdrew a lot to myself. I got bullied once or twice by teachers & mates and the only thing that spoke for me was my excellent grades. I made up for my quietness through my academic results.

Hence, I find it easy to find time for intellectual activities even now that I’m more committed socially. Intellectualism is simply my way of life, my parties, sporting & philanthropism are merely a peripheral part of me which came by the way! For me, it has always been about writing, writing and writing till I was satisfied, even if it means nobody would find them. In fact, I have more unpublished writings than anything on my blog or my political articles published in tabloids. Writing was the only way I could express my mind since I was a child.


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