Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly present to you, Taiwo Okunola, a contestant in the season 7 of this year’s MTN Project Fame West Africa, taking place in Lagos. Taiwo is a gentleman of distinction, calm-headed and enormously talented. He’s a final year civil engineering student of LAUTECH, Ogbomoso.

I first knew Taiwo Okunola when I swapped elementary schools as a small kid about 15 years ago to attend Julian Nursery & Primary school, Oluyoro, Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. I started the sch in class 3 (primary 3) and Taiwo was my sitting partner and best friend till graduation, as we remained close even after parting temporarily in class 4. Meanwhile that’s all a story for another day.

My first discovery of this young man’s knack for music was in that elementary sch., when towards our high school leaving exam, a music teacher was introduced to us who tutored everyone in music ( classical, music notes especially). Very few of us excelled in the exam, I was the only one in the school who scored a 100, missing nothing! Taiwo was among the few of us who excelled too (just about 8 in total). As a result, we had practical music lessons with flutes for some time until graduation from the school.

Here we are today, he’s pursuing a professional career in music while I’m doing likewise in the legal field, as a law student! Ironically, the best music student back then might just never do music! Such is life but my very good friend, Taiwo keeps the fire burning and I appreciate that. I’m very happy for my brother and I pray he excels at the reality tv show and hopefully, go on to win the competition. Ever since he told me of his participation few weeks ago, I’ve been so ecstatic and upbeat about his success. Taiwo is very well capable as, music apart, he’s one of the most brilliant and resourceful persons I’ve met in my life!

Musically, he has given a very good account of himself at the competition so far. I’ve heard a lot of very interesting comments and I’ve seen his performances. Even to make it to the final 15 is no joke, judging by the fact that auditions in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia saw over 350,000 contestants vying to be selected. Therefore, I’m proud of my boy for what he’s accomplished already. Once again, I present to you, Taiwo, a future music superstar!!!





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