Poem on Nigeria

It is a land flowing with milk and honey
Where the vegetation is lush and evergreen
All the year round
A land surrounded by oceans
Where calm waves make ripples
Over the surface of the sea
Where peace and harmony holds sway
A landmass inhabited with great people
Right from the seat of authority in Abuja
To the home of solid minerals in nasarawa
Peacefulness permeates the landscape
Passing through the gateway state in Ogun
Known for its craft and industrial nature
To the sunshine state in Ondo
Where the sun shines on all the produce
To produce a bountiful harvest
We finally reach the heartbeat of the nation
Whose capital is the home of crystal and tradition
Where the king is highly revered and honoured
Now to the state that has a big heart in Delta
Where you are fed different delicacies like the oha soup
Warri, where the unique and indigenous waffi
Originated from
What about the liberal state, Kaduna
Where trades in clothes and gold go on
Even the centre of commerce in Kano
Anambra is the home for all
Where you can dwell in ecstasy
Adamawa is the highest peak of the nation
Akwa-Ibom is the land of promise
Yes, a promise of hope
The land is fertile and full of rich promise to the agile
Benue, the food basket of the nation
Where the mango is as big as coconut
Bayelsa is the glory of all lands
Yobe is where the young shall grow

They say you’re still crawling on your feet, Nigeria
They say you’re corrupted among the comity of nations
Yet I look at them for their obvious ignorance
Because they have failed to notice the inherent qualities
In a single entity of your caliber
They have forgotten and I’ll remind them
That you’re the only nation after independence
That still has your unity intact since independence
They have forgotten and I’ll remind them
That the rule of law is being upheld
That the wicked and arrogant are being reprimanded
They have forgotten in a jiffy
How you hauled the banking system
And rid it of corrupt officials
They’re comparing you to America
Which started on a shaky ground
Worst in corruption more than you in their hey days
But has now become stabilized 250years after
But, Nigeria you’re only 50
The cynics have forgotten
Even though they hold that magical box called handset
That you have arrived in the world of global communication
What about the oil-rich Niger Delta
That has provided our foreign oil reserves
They have forgotten and I’ll remind them
That you’re the giant of Africa
They have failed to see
The historic sites nestled amid rivers and rainforests
Even the breathtaking mountain vistas
Even the miles of pristine beaches
The exotic national wildlife reserves
When tomorrow comes
You’ll still take your place
Among the comity of nations
You’ll occupy your glorious position
Our youth shall be proud of her heritage

Twitter: @tom_olas
Facebook: tomiwaolasiyan


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