Role-playing in the polity

Whenever you feel the urge to blame the government for people’s woes at times, just imagine a big family where nobody does anything productive for support other than bring all matters to the Head( the father) for solution. Obviously, there would be pressure on the father , he will be visibly confused and perplexed just like most modern day govts we have today. It’s not like most of these govts or the administrators never wanted things to work too but things just complicated! They just discovered that the problems of the people were much more enormous and burdensome than they ever envisaged! I’ve been privileged to witness some very good people leave their administration or political posts with very little to show for it, yet these are very good and practical people in real life. Things got messy, shenanigans and unscrupulous politicians disrupted their plans! I guess when reality dawn on the good people in politics they usually panic. I still remember the late Umaru Musa Yar’adua, the former Nigerian President, who in 2007 confessed to the public that the general elections that brought him to power under the ruling party, PDP, was a fraudulent election.
In the administration of a political state, just like that of any regular family (in fact, politics starts from there) everybody has a role to play. The laws will state specific offices that will run govt activities but practically, everyone has something to bring down to the table! It might not be in terms of provision or funds ( you already play this role if you pay your taxes) but most importantly in terms of activities and good followership. In a family of maybe three children, practically there will be someone to clear the lawn (usually the boy in the house), someone to wash the dishes (the girl(s) in the house), someone to cook (usually the mother, unless the girls are grown enough or they hired a cook) etc. The children may not be forced to go to school, when they willingly enjoy schooling that eases the work of the parents. Then the father plays his role by of working and making provisions for his family. In some families, the mother(wife) might be a career woman, hence generating more funds for her family, though this means less time around. Otherwise, she might decide to be at home fully in the service of taking care of everyone. Simply put, everyone still brings something to the table.
Now, problems arise in the polity not only because of the corruption of the administrative but it starts when a particular section of a society feels they don’t have to partake in the their own governance! I think illiteracy and ignorance are not helping matters too in this aspect. Everybody has a role to play, including the old, not too old and the young.

…to be continued…


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