Today’s churches

I went to a church yesterday, the Pastor & members were just screaming & shouting, jumping here and there, rolling on the ground & even singing in tongues! That church, they made people like me who wouldn’t scream & jump around feel like sinners. I thought a Church should be where we would be sober, worship, & listen to God’s word. At the end of the day, there was even no sermon! It was screamings all through the service! I felt really surprised because the hostels we come from on a normal day are already chaotic and obsterperous, with so much shoutings & screamings. I believe a church should be the other way round. The other face to the coin. On another perspective & mindset. When we now face chaos in the churches too, with members lifting up chairs and exclaiming words like “ride on pastor!”, then I can only weep and wail for the church of today because there seems to be no diversity from secularity, what we see everyday on a regular street. In fact, how do you hear God or the holy spirit speak to you if you keep screaming and hearing your own voices all over again?


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